How To Make Money From Instagram In India 2023

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms across the world. There are around 1.13 billion Instagram users in the world. While in India, it’s approximately 0.23 billion users. Because of its popularity, there is a great chance to make money from Instagram in India.

This app offers various ways to make money for creators. Anyone with a certain number of followers can earn money with Instagram.

But some people have no idea about how they can earn with Instagram. So keep reading this article, as we will discuss how to make money from Instagram in India.

Some of the ways to make money from Instagram in India are

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Most brands search for an excellent platform to sell their services or products through affiliate schemes. And Instagram is one of the best options for them.

So if you have a good number of followers, you can also make money by putting affiliate links in your story or posts. Now we will understand how it works.

It is straightforward, as you have to put an affiliate link of the brand you have reached, and it should be visible to your followers. After that, you will get a commission whenever someone buys products using your affiliate link.

2. Sponsored Posts:

Again, the first requirement to earn money by sponsoring is having a decent number of followers. In support, you have to promote the brand for a specific amount directly.

In other words, we can say that you can make money by promoting a particular company and its products. It’s like paid promotional posts.

For example, Virat Kohli earns around five crore rupees per promotional post. And whereas Priyanka Chopra earns about two crores per sponsored post.

3. Brand Promotion:

Being a content creator, you can collaborate with brands to promote and expand their products or services. The earning from brand promotion depends on your number of current followers and engagement ratio.

Generally, the brands send the demo products to the creators for free so that they can review products on their posts or story. It influences your followers to purchase the products of the brands you promote.

For example, a tech influencer will get a chance to use a gadget of a particular company. After that, the influencer reviews the device and so on.

4. IGTV ads:

If you make large videos or something like that, as a content creator, then IGTV ads are best for you. You can apply for your content monetization if you have a reasonable engagement rate for your IGTV videos.

Once you have started monetizing your content, then there is an option for brands to promote themselves via ads in the videos or content you post on IGTV.

You will get around 55 percent of the total revenue from ads on your post. So the views you get are always important.

5. License photography:

If you are fond of photography, you regularly post your photographs and videos on your Instagram page. And if you have good engagement with your audience, you can license your pictures and videos.

Suppose someone wants to use your content for their benefit. Then you can give a license to use your content. In that case, you can charge a small fee for the licence.

6. Instagram Marketing Consultant:

Marketing on a platform like Instagram is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many businesses are always searching for a good marketing consultant on Instagram.
Most companies use Instagram for their brand promotion. And if you have good experience managing Instagram, you can guide them in promoting their brand. In return for that, you can charge them for your guidance.

How much money can a creator make from Instagram?

We have seen above some ways to make money from Instagram in India. But now the question is how much you can make. So don’t worry. We are here for you.
Earning from Instagram depends on the number of followers and engagement with your audience. On average, micro-content creators can earn around 5000 per post.
However, as the number of your followers’ increases, the earning graph also increases. Also, your earnings depend on your location and niche, and it is also essential to which way you are earning.
So it’s challenging to say the exact earnings for a particular and how much they can make money from Instagram in India.


Remember that Instagram creates rules and regulations for all the ways mentioned above to make money from Instagram in India. So you must always be aware of Instagram policies to avoid any problems.
We hope this article will surely help you earn money as a creator.

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