10 Best Small Business Ideas For 2023

We are wondering about some bizarre business ideas for this year, so we have a perfect solution for you. So if you are considering starting a new business, you are on the right page to get some brilliant ideas. In this article, we are here with the 10 best small business ideas for 2023.

The current scenario of uncertainty, people are afraid of losing their jobs, so they are switching from jobs to have their businesses.

In India, unemployment is a severe problem that is a fundamental reason for poverty. The solution to this problem is starting a new business and allowing others to find a job. The best small business ideas don’t demand significant investments.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Small Business Ideas

1. Online Book Store

Having a love or passion for books can lead you to open an online book store. There are a lot of benefits to having an online book store, such as there is no limitation on time. The online book store is available 24/7.

Also, anyone around the world can avail of the facilities of the online book store. But to start with this idea you have to keep some points in mind. Such as giving a good name to your business, knowing your audience, and making a proper marketing strategy.

Now the question is, where can you publish your books or ebooks? So we are here for you; one can open an online book store on your website or another e-commerce platform, you can open it on e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop, BigCommerce, etc.

2. Web Development

In the era of Web 3.0, web development can be the best small business idea to start online. If you have adequate knowledge of languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL, web development becomes very easy.

Furthermore, as a web developer, you can start your own company or work as a freelancer, offer a theme for any website, offer a course, create social media platforms, etc.

3. Become an SEO Consultant

Anyone who runs an online business or shares their blog posts needs a website. But when it comes to ranking their site or page, they need an SEO expert. SEO specialists work to get more website traffic and increase customers with their strategetic skills.

If you have an in-depth understanding of search engine optimization, this business idea is perfect for you. Moreover, you can also open your own SEO consultancy company. Also, you can work as a freelancer as there are plenty of opportunities for SEO experts.

4. Sell Digital Courses

The covid-19 pandemic has made us more reliant on the internet for everything. Now, we are rapidly shifting towards the digital era. So, selling a digital course is a great idea to start your online business as it is also one of the best passive income ideas.

Above All, you can create your digital course in any field that you mastered and can sell it directly on your website, you can sell your digital course on any other platform if you don’t have a website. Moreover, if you haven’t created any course, you can sell someone else’s course on your site on a commission basis.

The 10 best platforms where you can sell your digital course are

• Udemy
• Thinkific
• Kajabi
• Podia
• Learnworlds
• Coursera
• Skillshare
• Teachable
• Ruzuku
• LearnDash

5. Start a Podcast

Most people love to share their views, opinions or stories on a particular topic in the audio format. For them, podcasting can be a wonderful way to create an online business. To start as a podcaster firstly you have to know your niche, what your listener wants to hear.

Then the next thing is to choose the topic that you wanna record, you have to keep a healthy balance between the quality and quantity of the episodes. Now to start earnings with podcast via sponsorships, affiliate marketing, advertisements etc.

6. Sell a service

This is the best-diversified business idea to earn money as there are no time limitations for doing work. By selling a service, we meant to say that you can offer any service which you have succeeded.

One can offer services like translation work, ghostwriting, graphic and web designing, editing and many more like that. Freelancing sites allow you to deliver your services there.

According to a report, you can make around $25 per hour with your skills just by offering your service at the right platform.

7. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the best online earning ideas as it has several benefits. Like you don’t need any physical store, low investment, low burden, flexibility in location, huge collection of products etc. But the query is how does dropshipping work?

So let’s make it clear in simple words. Whenever a customer places an order at your online store then you forward the order to a third party (usually a manufacturer or wholesaler). After then the third party directly supplies the order to the customer with a higher margin. At last, you will get your margin.

8. Blog Writing

Blog Writing can prove to be a very good small business idea. You can start writing about the subjects you are knowledgeable and interested in. Either you can write articles for your website or can work for others also.

Having a website of your own is not a tough thing in today’s world of technology. There are websites like GoDaddy, WordPress, Wix, etc that can develop a website for you with a little investment. But if you want to earn money you need to choose to blog for others. And at the same time, you can write blogs for your website also.

What points do you need to keep in mind while blogging? You need to understand what your readers want, connect with them. Give your blog a strong topic such that it attracts the readers.

9. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is an independent service provider to clients from remote areas. Being a virtual assistant you can perform any work of your interest. Not much experience is needed to become a great virtual assistant, just need to be interested in learning new things.

The job of a virtual assistant may vary according to your interests. A virtual assistant can have tasks of graphic designing, email management, phone calls, schedule arrangements, social media management, blog writing, etc.

10. Social Media Management

We all are aware of what social media stands for. Social media is the best source of marketing. It refers to the management of Social Media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc., by making strategies for promotion and providing good content.

The Social media management should be good at advertising, journalism, and growth strategies. It is an excellent business idea if you want a small, zero-investment business. There is a need for good communication skills to connect with the audience.


In the above article, we have mentioned some of the best online small business ideas. There are a lot of ideas, but the above 10 are the best to our knowledge. So go through these ideas and start building your empire.

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