How to Get Free Google Play Credits in 2024

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Google apps are now a core part of our mobile, mainly for all Android users. Google products provide us with all the basics of internet services, including music, books, apps, browser and Youtube.

To get access to some premium services of Google, such as paid apps, movies, Google One and Youtube premium, we need Google Play credits. These credits can purchase with real money. So we need to spend our money to use those products.

But what if I tell you that you can get Google credits for free. Surprisingly but it’s true that you don’t need to spend money to purchase credits.

Sounds good to you; let’s dive into this blog to find out how can you get them for free. But first, let us understand what is google play credit and how can you make the best use of them.

What is Google Play Credit?

Google Play credit is a type of money that Google users can use on their platform. These credits are always stored in the Playstore wallet. And users can use these credits across Google Play products. Like you can buy paid apps and games, Google Playbooks, movies and other in-app purchases. However, users cannot transfer these credits to their bank accounts, Paytm or any other wallet.

Google Opnions Rewards

Google launches opinion rewards for users to give them feedback about their products to improve their search results. This app rewards user for sharing their opinions of Google products. In India, Google pays 5 to 15rs per answer. It depends on the length and quality of survey questions, and it also varies from company to company money.

Survey websites

Online survey websites are one of the simplest ways to get free Google Play credits. Websites like Swagbucks, Inboxdollars, and Opinion Survey gives user 1 to 10$ per survey. These surveys will not take a lot of time you can complete them within 30 minutes. You have to provide answers to some simple questions about the brands’ products of your choice etc. These websites provide the companies with these data to understand their customers better. You can choose some top-paying survey websites to get Google Play money. I use survey websites to earn extra money during my college time. I recommend you check out Swagbucks because this website is the most trusted, and use the website to make money for the students.

GPT Apps

GPT apps mean getting paid to do tasks. You can find numerous gpt apps on playstore that give free google play credits for doing small tasks. These tasks don’t take a lot of effort from users. Such tasks include watching promotional videos, downloading apps, reading articles, and referring to other people.

Redeem Codes

Google play redeem codes or recharge codes are a particular type of code that holds Google play credits. When you redeem these codes on the play store, you will receive google play credit (whatever the amount of redeem code contains). You purchase recharge codes through amazon, Gpay, Paytm etc. However, some websites and apps give free recharge code of Google play on their platform. Your job is to find such websites that provide redeem codes.


All these ways mentioned above are genuine and trustable. I use Google opinion rewards and Swagbucks to get Google Play credits. You can give try these apps; they are safe and trustable. However, don’t expect that you will get thousands of credits on the day first. Everything takes time, and the more you use these ways, the more you will get.

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