7 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Income While Working Full Time Job in India

The idea to earn extra income while working a full-time job helps make your living. With this extra income, you can fulfill your wants like a new bike, a car, a house, iPhone, etc. Wisely investing this money will generate a good cash flow that will help you follow your passion.

So there are lots of benefits of extra income for you. And if you are searching for ways to earn additional income while working on your job. Then you are at the correct place. 

I am writing this blog after researching this topic. In my research, I found hundreds of ways to earn extra income, but my goal is to find the best and easiest among them. 

So I filtered only the good extra income ideas for jobholders. 

Let’s look at the seven best ways to earn extra income as a jobholder without wasting time.

Affiliate Marketing 

 Affiliate marketing is a side hustle you can start while working on your job. It requires zero or much less investment than other online businesses. Affiliate marketer earns money by selling products from other companies. Every time they sold out a product, they get a small commission. It would be best if you had an audience to share your affiliate products with. Hence, when they buy products from your affiliate link, you earn a commission from this sale. 

You can apply in some of the best-affiliated marketing programs like Amazon, Citibank, and Rakuten LinkShare.


Trading is one of the preferable ways to earn extra income for many jobholders. A trader generates money by buying and selling stocks, crypto, bonds, currency, and other assets. Most traders like to trade stocks and cryptos because it is easy to trade. However, it requires knowledge, money, and risk appetite. Because in trading you can also lose your money. So before going to trading, you should gain some understanding of this concept.


Nowadays, freelancing is gaining huge popularity among youths thanks to the lockdown and work from home concept. From 2020 to 2021, we have noticed an enormous spike in the number of freelancers. Freelancers earn money by doing projects and small tasks both online and offline. 

Many people are freelancing to make extra money online through various freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Truelancer, and many more. 

To start freelancing, you must learn a few skills like web designing, content writing, SEO, copywriting, software development, and many more. 

However, you can learn these skills online through e-learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Skillshare and earn a certificate to showcase in your resume.


Dropshipping is gaining popularity after the entry of Shopify and Oberlo. Also, dropshipping is different from standard retail because it doesn’t require own stock or inventory. A merchant purchases the products from wholesalers or manufacturers and resells them to Shopify customers.

Shopify allows you to make your store on its platform, and then you can connect it to various suppliers worldwide. Shopify also recommends Oberlo for a marketplace where you can easily add products to your store and sell them using their suppliers.

You can purchase products from this supplier at a lower cost and then sell them to customers at a higher price. 

You need to spend some money on marketing to sell products online on Shopify. And it is worthwhile because you will get a considerable margin from selling your products.

The benefit of dropshipping is that you don’t need to manage inventory; you will also save time on the packaging. These headaches are not yours. The supplier will handle them well. 

It would be best if you focused on selling products to earn good profits from Dropshipping.

Rental Income:

Rental income is a good source of extra income for a jobholder. It is a passive income where you need to do nothing to earn money from it. 

You can rent your house to other people looking for a rental apartment. 

You can charge a specific rent to them; it varies by several factors like the size of your apartment, location, and condition. 

Receive your rental income daily, weekly and monthly according to your contract.

Not only apartments are given for rent, but you can rent your car, bike, bicycle, cloth, jewelry, and laptop that can be useful for other people.

You can rent these things hourly, monthly, or pay-per-use. Earning this extra income from rent while working on your job is a good idea to look after.

Buy Passive Business 

If your saving is good, it’s time to invest. Buy a passive business that will generate a good cash flow. Finding a stagnant business is not difficult. You can search on Google or visit your neighbor’s places. You can buy that business once you find an excellent company that doesn’t need excellent management. Also, you can buy some part of the business by investing your money.


Blogging helps many employees to get some extra income per month. In many cases, blogging replaces full-time jobs. Thanks to monetizing platforms like Google Adsense,, Ezoic, and many more. 

These platforms allow bloggers to earn money by showing ads on their blogs. 

They paid an outstanding amount to bloggers who get decent blog views. 

Although earning depends on many other factors like engagement, content quality, and design. But believe me, many bloggers, including the owner of Shoutmeloud, makes lakhs of dollars per month through his blog.

Starting a blog is not a thing; you can use a free blog hosting website to try blogging. Once familiar with blogging, you can switch to the CMS ( Content Management System) like WordPress.

Monetizing a WordPress blog is also easy to provide high-quality content with a good navigation theme. 


A regular job cannot fulfill our needs; we need multiple income sources. It will help us to make our living and achieve financial goals. In the above blog, I shared seven ways to help you get additional monthly income. 

I am already blogging for my living; most of my earning comes from blogging. I start blogging because I like to help people understand things better and give them the information and knowledge to earn more money and become financially independent.

Blogging has many benefits like low-cost setup, time-independent, and the potential to scale up.

You can choose your way of earning extra money. First, learn about this topic and its advantages, disadvantages, and earning potential. Prepare your resources before starting, and work hard to achieve your goals.

I wish you all the best, and I hope this blog will help you achieve what you want in your life.

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