7 Apps To Make Money Online Without Investment

Have you ever thought of earning wealth online without investment? If yes, then you’re on the correct track. In this guide, you’re going to learn about the ways to Make Money Online Without Investment. So let’s dive deep and figure out the seven best money-making apps.

During the lockdown, lots of people were stuck at home, and those days taught us that we could make money from home. People from different sectors include homemakers, college students, housewives, retirees, and even working employees who want to earn extra money.

We spend so much time on smartphones that application developers have devised ways to make money online without investment.

There are numerous apps available on the Internet through which you can make money online without the investment of a single rupee. However, it would be best if you had a smartphone and internet connectivity, that’s it.

Which are the 7 Apps To Make Money Online Without Investment?

1. Meesho:

Firstly, before understanding Meesho Reseller, let’s know about Reseller.

A reseller buys products directly from the wholesalers or retailers at a lower cost. After that, sells them to the customer after adding his margin.

Most importantly, a reseller doesn’t have to own the shop or inventory for selling their products. They sell their products on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

Meesho is one of the biggest platforms in India for Reselling products. You have to download the app from the Play Store, create your account, and choose the products you want to sell.

Further, after selecting products, promote them on social media sites. Once someone orders and pays you, you have to place the order on Meesho. The margin money is your profit.

Tip: Choose trending products that are neither expensive nor cheap.

2. Wonk:

Wonk is an Online Home tutoring Booking app providing services to 5 continents and India. With the help of Wonk, you can learn how to become an Online tutor after completing its Teaching Course. Also, it provides skill development courses to improve your teaching skills.

Wonk team first certifies the tutor. If a person is eligible as a tutor, parents can book them Online. Further, you can charge your customer hourly once you are hired as an Online Tutor.

Above all, an average tutor works 8 hours daily and charges around 300-1000 INR hourly. Consequently, you can earn up to 40000 INR monthly without going anywhere.

You can teach children from LKG to class 12th according to your qualifications.

Tip: Enhance your Teaching skills.

3. Google Opinion Rewards:

Google develops this Survey application. To earn cash, you must complete the surveys in Google Opinion Rewards.

As its name suggests, it pays you for giving your opinion on several subjects and topics. You can earn up to 32.20 INR play credits for completing a single survey, and you use your credits for purchasing premium apps, movies, albums, and games in the Google Play Store.

To earn money by Survey, you must download the app from the Google Play Store and create your account on Google Opinion Rewards.

After creating an account, you are now eligible to do surveys. In the Survey, you have to answer the question, “Where do you like to travel?” “Which logo looks better?”.

Want to make money through survey websites? Click here

Tip: Complete surveys consistently before they expire.

4. Freelancer:

Freelancing is now getting popular among youths. Many people are now shifting to Freelancing from their 9 to 5 jobs. Freelancing is the top way to make wealth online without investing purely in your skills.

Freelancer is among the top well-liked apps for Freelancing. You must download Freelancer from the Play Store or App Store and make your account.

After making an account, select the relevant jobs in which you’re an expert. Search for jobs and bid on them with an excellent description of yourself.

You can do jobs like content writing, data entry, translation, scriptwriting, singing, voice-over, app development, video, and audio editing, etc.

Tip: Remember, most data entry jobs are fake on every platform. So be aware of that.

5. YouTube:

YouTube is one of the most trending platforms for earning money. It would be best if you had a good internet connection and a smartphone, that’s it.

Choose a niche and set up a YouTube channel. Focusing on quality content and making high-quality videos will grow your channel.

Ads will be enabled when your channel crosses 1000 subscribers along with 4000 hours of watch within a year, and your track will get monetized.

After that, you will make money based on your content type, location, and many different factors.

Tip: Choose a trending topic for creating videos.

6. GettyImages:

If you’re a photographer or love photography, you can make money online without investing by selling your photos online. Also, GettyImages is one of the biggest platforms for selling pictures online.

Download the application “Contributor by GettyImages” from the Play Store or App Store and register yourself.

You can do high-quality photography of nature, wildlife, objects, cooking, vehicles, models, etc., and sell them on Contributor by GettyImages. You can either use a DSLR or a Smartphone for photography.

Whenever a customer purchases your clicked photo, you will be paid by GettyImages.

Tip: Your clicked pictures should be clear and unique.

7. Printful:

Do you love custom-designed T-shirts and know how to design them? Then you can earn by designing T-shirts.

So Printful is the application where you can run your store of custom-designed T-shirts and sell them. Download the Printful app from the Play Store or App Store and create your account.

Moreover, whenever a customer purchases your designed T-shirt, you’ll get a royalty on every purchase.

Tip: Design unique and trendy T-shirts.

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