Top 5 Best Free Online Courses Of Digital Marketing

If you are thinking of making a career in Digital Marketing but haven’t any idea of where to learn and how to start. Then this blog is for you, as we will discuss some of the best free online courses in Digital Marketing. 

Firstly, to move forward in Digital Marketing, you should know what exactly it is. Because it becomes difficult to go ahead without having any prior information. So let’s understand about this first. 

Digital Marketing is the new name for Online Marketing. Here, the name clarifies the term itself marketing actions taken on the internet for your product or services come under digital marketing. 

As a good marketer, you should cover all the skills required in online marketing. You must learn skills such as SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Data Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Copywriting, and many more. 

But to learn all these skills, you will need a good course. However, the question is, which course is best to do? So to know about this, keep reading this article to explore the best Digital Marketing courses worldwide. 

The list of the best free online courses in Digital Marketing:

1. Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing 

2. Hubspot Digital Marketing Course 

3. UC Davis Digital Marketing Boot Camp 

4. Digital Marketing Basics Course By Udemy 

5. Semrush SEO Toolkit Course

Let’s start one by one 

1. Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing 

This course is best suited for beginners as it mainly highlights the basics of Digital Marketing. 

You will find 26 modules within this course, and the estimated completion time is 40 hours. This course will teach you all the necessary data insights and analytics skills. You will acquire a knowledge of more than 12 skills of online marketing in this duration. 

Once you have done with the course, you will also get a certificate from Google. But for the certification, you must pass the examination consisting of 40 questions. 

Further, to enrol in this course, you must register at Google Digital Unlocked. After that, you must select Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing from the various courses available there. 

2. Hubspot Digital Marketing Course 

This course is designed for the students and marketing managers to improve and strengthen their marketing skills. 

Here you will find 9 lessons consisting of 37 videos. Moreover, this short-term course has a completion time of around 04:04 hours. It also consists of 11 quiz papers for getting the free certificate. 

This course will cover around eight different skills of Online Marketing from the primary level. Also, it is available in 5 other languages globally. Hubspot Academy also offers more courses related to Online Marketing. 

If you want to continue this course, you must sign up at their official website. 

3. UC Davis Digital Marketing Boot Camp 

This course is of intermediate level and designed by UC Davis (a continuing and professional education). 

The completion time of this course is 18 weeks (5 months), during which classes will be held only three days a week. You will gain complete knowledge about online marketing strategies, website optimization, etc. 

After completing this course, you will attain perfection in more than 15 skills of Online Marketing. Also, the procedure is entirely free to avail.

4. Digital Marketing Basics Course By Udemy 

It is a free video tutorial-based course offered by Udemy and created by Sorav Jain. The level of this course is of beginner type. 

For better understanding, this course is divided into three sections and consists of 22 lessons. The time duration of this course is 5 hours and 45 minutes. However, you will not get any certificate after completing all the lectures. 

The course is designed only in the English language. This course will introduce you to all the necessary skills to make you a good digital marketer.

And if you want to join this course, then you have to visit the site of Udemy. 

5. Semrush SEO Toolkit Course 

SEO is one of the significant parts of Online Marketing skills, and this course will help you acquire complete knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. 

Semrush Academy offers this course, and it consists of 14 video lectures. Also, the time duration is minimal as it is just about 3 hours. Moreover, the procedure is free to enrol and get a certificate. 

The video lectures are very interactive and easy to understand. After completing all the lessons, you’re likely to be a master of SEO.


Online Marketing is the future of marketing strategies, and today everyone wants to learn about this. That is why we have researched and presented you with some of the best free online courses in Digital Marketing.

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