Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites In India 2024

Having a good source of income is very important to stabilize our lives. Affiliate marketing is among the best online earning options. The question is just about how to start and where to start. So, here we will discuss the best affiliate marketing websites in India in 2023.

Firstly, affiliate marketing is just that makes a commission for every sale made by the link you provide in your article or blog. Moreover, it is not very difficult to become an affiliate marketer without proper knowledge.

Amazon associates, GoDaddy affiliates, and Flipkart affiliates are some of the best affiliate marketing websites in India. Above all, these websites provide you with the best products to promote. Further, this article will discuss the top affiliate marketing websites in detail. Affiliate Marketing is the best idea to earn extra money apart from your other source of income.

The top 5 best affiliate marketing websites in India are

1. Amazon Associates:

Amazon Associates is among the most popular affiliate marketing platforms. This program lets the bloggers and the website holders earn commission via generating links. After that, they get the referral amount when the buyers click the link and purchase it from Amazon.

This affiliate program by Amazon also enables bloggers and website holders to monetize their traffic. Let’s understand it in simple steps.

  • Firstly sign up at Amazon Associates.
  • Now advertise products on your website.
  •  Recommend products to the people to purchase.
  • Earn up to 10 % commission on every successful purchase.

2. GoDaddy Affiliates:

Maybe you may not know, but GoDaddy also offers an affiliate program. It is straightforward to do affiliate marketing with GoDaddy. So, the webpage owners need to select from various available links and banners to put on their web page.

GoDaddy also offers you to join affiliate programs for domain and hosting. Here you can make money with significantly fewer steps. Further, it has a few plus points, such as

  • Easy to set up and understand.
  • It allows you to pick out from a wide range of text ads and banners.
  • There is nothing like minimum purchase or fees.
  • Earn a good amount as a commission via your affiliate link.
  • Easy to place ads on your webpage.

3. Reseller Club Affiliate Program:

The Reseller Club Affiliate Program is among the most accessible affiliate programs. This program lets you make a fortune just by promoting their hosting products. After joining their program, you will get a unique Affiliate ID.

Moreover, you do not need any investment amount to start as a Reseller Club Affiliate. Yet, with this program, you can earn up to? 8000 per referral. You will get paid whenever the customers purchase their products or services through your links.

4. Flipkart Affiliate:

Flipkart Affiliate is among the top affiliate websites for marketing. You can get up to a 12% commission per successful purchase of their product through your link.

Doing an affiliate program with Flipkart is beneficial as it offers various tools to make it easy. Joining with the Flipkart Affiliate Program costs you nothing. They also provide you with the facility to know real-time reports regarding conversion rates and performance reports of your link.

5. Shopify Affiliate:

Shopify Affiliate Program permits you to earn a competitive commission via their referral program. The process to join the Shopify Affiliate Program is straightforward. You need to create your account on this e-commerce platform.

After that, you can put their plans links on your webpage. Then whenever your visitors click on those links and purchase through them, you will get your commission amount.

Final Thoughts

Many people think that affiliate marketing is quite complicated, but there is nothing like that. However, you need to be careful sometimes and sell services strategically. In this way, you can lower the risk of getting failure.

Most importantly, if done with a strategy, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make extra money with any other full-time work. So visit the above-mentioned affiliate marketing websites and start making money.

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